Case Study 5

Case Study 5

Case Study: How I earned 4000$ per Month from the page that only gets 300 visitors per month.

Learning SEO while doing it for my own brands was one of the best things that happened to me.

Here is an example from one of my Shopify eCommerce website.

Let's say if my product was Leather Boots (Which it isn't), a normal SEO would start running behind keywords like "Best Leather Boots," "Brown Leather Boots" etc.

As an owner, your mind will always be going towards Revenue First Model.

So I created a page with the keyword " <Product Type> in Wholesale" to attract bulk buyers. In the above scenario it will be "leather boots wholesaler" and "Buy Leather Boots in Bulk" etc.

Wrote 7-8 blogs on a similar topic to internal link to this page.
Invested in a good backlink (300$ / link).

As soon as the page became top result, I got leads from the US/South Africa and Canada for the buyers who usually have to find such vendors on alibaba.

I offered them products at 55% off on my retail cost and with no brand name.

They became my regular resellers in the market.

I have done the same 3 times now. Once for me and 2 times for a client. It always works for us.

Think like an owner. Act like an SEO.

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