Case Study 4

Case Study 4

How I Got Extra 5k Clicks Every Month Doing This

Do you see this graph? I know it doens’t look much, but what if I tell you it’s not my Google Webmaster.

It is my Google Question Hub Graph.



What Is Google Question Hub you Asked?

Question Hub is a tool that enables creators to create richer content by leveraging unanswered questions. Google says 15% of the queries it sees have never been searched before.

Yes, you can find unanswered questions on google and submit your blog to answer that question. Next time when that question is repeated, google will show your blog.

Did I include those questions as FAQ’s in my current content?

Not at all. In fact, these questions were so illogical that you will not consider putting them directly in your content (probably one of the reasons no one targetted them as long-tail keywords). Still, even if your blog indirectly answers that query, it will link it to that automatically.

Actionable Tips:

  1. Make an account on Google Question Hub and Connect to your webmaster.

  2. Always use FAQ’s below your blogs to broaden the topic you are covering in the blogs.

  3. My favorite FAQ finding tools - Quora, Answer the public, Marketmuse, Alsoasked, Answersocrates.

  4. Check new questions in your industry every month and update the answers with your blog links.

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