About Me

I am an extremely passionate marketing expert with a dedication to creating consistent content. I don’t do average - especially not when it comes to SEO. I have extensive expertise with regards to the Google algorithm and white hat techniques.

I’ve used this for over a decade to consistently rank blogs.

I’ve run over 200 SEO testing projects and I specialize in Ecommerce SEO and local SEO. I am a social media expert, content creator, and I have a podcast with over 35k listeners worldwide.

Plus, there’s that one time I was on a magazine cover for my snapchat vlogs.

My Journey

One Small Step At A Time, One Giant Leap For Digital Marketing

Here are my personal milestones:



Worked at Shopify India in their online marketing and sales department.



After creating and ranking 100+ Ecommerce stores, I decided to start my own Ecommerce brand.


The Growth

Made over $200k in revenue for 2 years with only organic marketing.

Provided employment to 35+ house wives in rural India in product making process.


The Golden Year

Sold my Ecommerce store to an industry giant in the US.

Got published on various platforms including Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and even a magazine cover for my contributions to the industry as one of the biggest snapchat creators of India.



Started my SEO services consultancy and made smart investments. Invested in and partnered with a number of Ecommerce stores. Acquired local businesses including a salon and gym chain.


Agency Owner And Consultant

Launched my content marketing agency alongside my esteemed partner and investor as a part of my mission to help brands reach their maximum potential.



Started my infamous podcast that addresses content marketing. To date, we have garnered over 100k downloads and over 35k listeners worldwide.


The Age Of Automation

Started learning Python among other programming languages aimed at developing Automated Intelligence. Along with that launched another eccommerce store called The Handmade Store.


Smart-Ageing Clinic

Launched India's 1st Smart Ageing Clinic, along with an amazing team.