Case Study 3

Case Study 3

How I jumped my most converting article (Money page) to the first page (My GF’s fitness website)?

First - How do I know if it's a converting article or not?

Whenever I create such money pages I make sure I do enough google ads on the page(for the keyword I want to rank) to see if out of 100 people at least 5-6% are filling the lead form.

If it’s not, then what’s the point of investing so much time on ranking this page to get huge traffic.

I went through all the titles and subtitles of all the first ranked pages and read what my biggest competitors have written about.

Went back to my blog and edited H2’s and H3’s to create their headings as subheadings and wrote a detailed paragraph below it.

Within 3 months the page started ranking on the 1st page.

Lesson Learnt: I always teach my clients that if you are competing for a keyword, make sure that your article is the best and the most depth article on google. That’s where things like LSI keywords come in and reasons google takes Expertise into account.

If you aren’t a subject matter expert on the niche you are trying to rank in, you need to become one.


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