Hire The Fire Service

Hire The Fire Service

We Hire, We Train!

Tired of trying marketing agencies that only deliver promises and no results. Fire the agency and hire your own in-house marketing team (No matter how small).

In other words, hire internally, train externally. It’s important to elevate your team to the point where they are able to see the best results through expert training because SEO skills require dedicated upskilling.


What does it include?

  • This includes hiring an in-house marketing team for your brand with respect to and within the brand budget.

  • Interviewing the candidates.

  • Training the team on a weekly basis and evaluating their work.

  • Helping with any increase or expansion of the team whenever the brand feels like it is needed.


How Does It Work?

  1. Karan and the Senior representative of the brand discuss how big they want their marketing team to be, coupled with their monthly budget.

  2. We train the team before joining the brand.

  3. We provide additional training for the team when they initially join the brand.

  4. We also train the marketing manager or CEO on how to measure team performance.


Who Is It For?

  • Any brand that is looking to hire an in-house expert so that they can fire their agency.

  • Any brand that is struggling to see any organic growth from their current marketing agency.

  • Any start-up that wants full control of their marketing activities.