Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We Advise!

Our services: 1-hour consultation

What does it include?

We start with the fundamentals and then go deeper until we strike gold. 

  • Basic SEO strategy

  • Changes in your marketing model

  • Tips on choosing the right platform - where is your audience hanging out?

  • How to create an effective content strategy and then market it

  • For new websites, we discuss things to keep in mind during the design process

  • For existing websites, we make suggestions for changes on the website to improve your SEO

  • Social media content creation or content marketing strategy

  • Training for you or any particular employee of the team such as your content writer, social media marketer, video editor, etc.

How Does It Work?

Here are the steps one by one that we use to achieve glory!


  1. First, we start with an email conversation to understand the business. We will take an in-depth look at the problems that your brand is facing in terms of lacking organic growth.

  2. We then spend some time doing our research internally and come up with the best strategy for your brand. Basically, we get to the low-hanging fruits for immediate results.

  3. We’ll book a time with you and jump on a Zoom call.

  4. Once the call is over, it’s time to get personal with the Q&A.


Who Is It For?

Does the proverbial digital marketing shoe fit? Here’s who we love helping: 

  • Any brand looking to hire our services (we’re not fussy)

  • Any brand owner looking to take their SEO efforts or content marketing to the next level

  • Any brand owner looking to train one or more of their employees on the best content creation practices

  • Any brand owner looking for an easy-to-follow strategy in terms of content creation and distribution

  • Any employee working at an agency and looking to improve a specific skill such as SEO writing or keyword research


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