How Can You Use The Power Of Pinterest For Your Shopify Store

How Can You Use The Power Of Pinterest For Your Shopify Store

Welcome back to our podcast, where today, were delving deep into the intricacies of Pinterest and unveiling advanced strategies that can transform you into a Pinterest expert.

If you're tired of the basic tips and are eager to explore techniques that are making waves in 2022, you're in for a treat. Get ready to elevate your Pinterest game with these advanced insights.

Why Pinterest? The Untapped Potential:

Before we dive into the strategies, lets briefly revisit why Pinterest is a goldmine for marketers.
Unlike other platforms, Pinterest users are just scrolling mindlessly; they are actively seeking inspiration, ideas, and products. This search-oriented behavior sets the stage for targeted engagement, making Pinterest a unique and powerful platform for businesses.

The Evolution of Pinterest and Manual Pins:

Understanding the recent changes in Pinterest is crucial. While automated pins have been a go-to for many, the focus is shifting towards manual pins for increased coverage.

Group boards, particularly those with various sections, play a vital role in maximizing reach. Crafting pins that align with specific sections within group boards ensures that your content goes unnoticed.

Unlocking the Potential of Idea Pins:

Embrace the trend of Idea Pins, especially if you're creating vertical videos. Idea Pins have a knack for going viral quickly, attracting significant views. By strategically placing them in various boards, including group boards, you can boost visibility and engagement.

Shopify Integration with Shopins:

For e-commerce brands, Shopins is a game-changer. By integrating your Shopify store with Pinterest, you create a shop category showcasing your products, prices, and reviews.

This not only enhances your credibility with the blue checkmark but also leverages the platforms ability to suggest your products to users based on their preferences.

Pin Groupie and Collaboration Tactics:
Explore the paid version of Pin Groupie for advanced features, including a powerful collaboration strategy.

Identify high-follower group boards with a request to join; option and streamline your applications to multiple boards within your niche. Collaborating with influencers and fellow pinners through Pin Groupie can exponentially increase your reach.

Fiverr for Group Boards and Influencer Collaboration:
Dip your toes into Fiverr to kickstart your journey with group boards. Engage with collaborators offering group boards with substantial followers.

Additionally, discover influencers on Fiverr willing to repin your content, amplifying your reach and views.

Leveraging Analytics for Pin Optimization:

Pin analytics is your compass in the Pinterest landscape. Identify which pins are organically performing well—these are your golden tickets.

Collaborate with influencers to represent these high- performing pins strategically, ensuring a continuous flow of engagement.

Strategic Use of Search Terms:
While hashtags may not be Pinterest focus, search terms are paramount. Integrate relevant search terms into your pin descriptions, aligning them with popular auto-suggestions.

This quick and effective method ensures your pins appear prominently in user searches.

Creating Your Group Board:

Take control by starting your group board. Boost its initial reach by investing in fake followers, creating an attractive space for potential collaborators.

With a dedicated group board, you can foster collaborations and mutually beneficial relationships.

Pinterest isn't just a visual platform; it's a dynamic search engine waiting to catapult your brand's visibility. By embracing these advanced strategies, you're positioning yourself at the forefront of Pinterest marketing.

Remember, it is not just about followers; it is about monthly viewership,
impressions, and strategic collaborations that can lead to exponential growth.

If this Pinterest strategy resonated with you, consider leaving us a review on Apple. Stay tuned for more actionable tips on SEO, e-commerce, and marketing. Subscribe to our podcast, and until next time, happy pinning!

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